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by Sales Team on June 3, 2015

Porsche Services Subsidiaries | Impacting the World

Porsche is actively involved in supporting the automotive industry and other industries, along with developing new technology for the next generation of vehicles, through its services subsidiaries. These goals are achieved through consulting, engineering, and other processes which are sponsored, supported, and led by Porsche.

Porsche ConsultingPorsche Consulting

Porsche provides consulting services based on its expertise to many other organizations located around the world. This global focus goes beyond the automotive industry, which includes retail and service industries, to help them achieve growth while meeting  new challenges. [Read More…]


Porsche EngineeringPorsche Engineering

Known for its innovative engineering in the automobile industry, Porsche’s processes can be utilized in the non-automotive sector too. Part of Porsche Engineering includes constantly finding the best ways to reduce emissions, while improving efficiency and performance. These services include the body, electronics, chassis, and the powertrain. It begins with the initial concepts and continues through production. [Read More…]

Porsche MHP
Mieschke Hofmann und Partner (MHP)

Another service company is Mieschke Hofmann und Partner (MHP), which is a consultant company that works with businesses within the automotive industry as well as other industries. The focus is on helping those organizations improve processes and increase efficiency to develop sustainability over the long term. [Read More…]


Porsche SupplierPorsche Partner Network (PPN) CAx Portal Supply

Porsche Partner Network (PPN) CAx portal supply is another service that Porsche provides with companies it contracts with. Any company that has an engineering project with Porsche can gain access to the CAD (computer-aided design) data in the Porsche environment. This helps ensure a trouble-free partnership with superior vehicles as the result. [Read More…]

Porsche has continued to grow its influence in the realm of the automotive industry and beyond – locally and globally. To find out more about its services subsidiaries or to learn about the various Porsche models that are available, please visit your local Calgary Porsche Dealer – Porsche Centre Calgary. Porsche stands above other luxury brands, and it is easy to see why.

Craig Shostak

Porsche Centre Calgary

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