Automobile Magazine Enjoys the Winter Wonderland of Camp4

by Sales Team on February 27, 2013

Porsche, 911, Camp4, Camp4S, Canada

Prepare to be jealous. Last September we told you about Porsche’s Camp4 and Camp4S driving schools that take place about an hour north of Montreal. Besides getting to sample a variety of different Porsche models, Camp4 and Camp4S are also schools designed to improve your winter driving skills.

Automobile Magazine went up to Canada to participate in Camp4 for no other reason but to “bash around other people’s expensive toys…[and] see how the new [911] 4S performs.”

According to the magazine the 911 Carrera 4S handled Camp4 quite well impressing them with its “ability to maximize grip” with a demeanor that is “less skewed to AWD understeer and more like a sled with an afterburner. It pops out of corners with aplomb.”

To read about the magazine’s entire experience at Camp4 head over to, where close to 50 pictures from Camp4 have been posted. Be sure to sign up for next year’s event so you don’t have to look back in anger again.

Stop by South Centre Porsche to get a head start on getting into next year’s Camp4 and Camp4S events or any other Porsche Driving Schools you’d like to attend.

Image credit: Porsche

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