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Hello! I am Derek Rush, the Parts Manager here at South Centre Porsche and have been fortunate enough to purchase the 1984 911 Targa that many of you may have seen in our showroom. This “blog” will showcase the Porsche ownership experience of a Classic Porsche and will hopefully provide some entertainment for you as well. It will showcase the Porsche Parts and Service that I use to restore it, as well as the vendors we use for restoration. I will also update you on events hosted by South Centre Fine cars and the Wild Rose Porsche Club. I hope you enjoy it.

For 18 years Amelia Island has been host to one of the world’s most notorious car shows, the Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance. South Centre Porsche was there for this 2013 event that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the legendary 911 sports car. With camera in hand, we took a handful of pictures of some of the great Porsche models that were in attendance to celebrate this milestone event.

911, 906 [click to continue…]


Yesterday I had an interesting thing happen, I had to go out and get milk and my 5 year old, Mitchell, asked “Daddy, can we take the Porsche?”

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It was from the time he was 4 that I’ve had Mitchell in the front seat of the Targa with me, as it has no airbags, and he absolutely loves it. I had not realized that this had made such an impression on him. What surprised me was the impression on the neighborhood children as well. The thumbs up we would get as we cruised to the store just shows that every kid loves a Porsche. [click to continue…]


Springtime Repairs For Domino!

by Sales Team on April 23, 2012

April 21, 2012

Time to give Domino some much deserved attention this weekend.

The first item to be dealt with was to remove the door panels and secure the door speakers to remove the annoying rattles. After removing the upper door panel cover, lower door pockets, door handle, lock covers and door switches I was finally able to access the inside of the door. I installed Dynamat on both the speaker mounting panel and the inside of the door panel. After reinstalling the door panels and speakers I went for a quick drive – much better, no rattles and a more accurate and deep sounding bass! [click to continue…]


Parts Manager Derek Rush Goes On The 991 Launch!

by Sales Team on February 1, 2012

Martin Kelly and I had the opportunity to attend the new Porsche 991 launch January 25 and 26th at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach in California. We had fantastic weather while we were there – 79-80 degrees both days. The driving event took place at the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro (where they shoot Top Gear America) just a few miles away from the resort.  Porsche wanted us to experience the new 991 in various different conditions, so they set up the track day into 5 areas:

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Picture Day!

by Sales Team on October 17, 2011

Just like Elementary school, it was time for our Porsches to get their yearly pictures done. Gary Stewart was kind enough to offer up his boat landing at the Village of Ghost Lake over looking the Bow Valley. We all took turns getting the best shot then headed off to Kananaskis for shots in the mountains where the Ferrari Club met with the group. Danielle took some great photos of Domino and the group, see below…


Riki Pereyl Memorial Drive

by Sales Team on October 10, 2011

What a beautiful day for a drive in the mountains. 48 cars including Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and others left the Crowfoot Parking lot Sunday morning, October 2nd, at 11:00 with a throng of people looking on. Perfect weather with an amazing backdrop of colors kept me and my son awing and ooing all day. The Porsche Club put on a great lunch at the Highwood House and an even better car show in the parking lot. This show of cars attracted a lot of attention (including a helicopter) with lots of cars and motorcycles stopping to take a look. A great job by the Club!


Wurst Car Show

by Sales Team on October 7, 2011

Saturday morning, October 1st, we were met with cold and rain, yet we filled the Wurst parking lot with an assortment of Porsches ranging over 50 years. Numerous awards were handed out consisted of longest drive, oldest car and fan favorite. My son liked the yellow GT3 the best. We all enjoyed a brunch put on by the staff and camaraderie of all the Porsche members.


Porsche Club Track Day

by Sales Team on October 5, 2011

The Wild Rose Porsche Club hosted the final Race City Track day on September 30th. I was lucky enough to be invited by Paul Botting (Track Chair) to come and watch. I was really lucky when I was able to not go on one but two sessions around the track in Paul’s 996 Turbo (500 HP…no 499.5HP – sorry Eric) and Doug Connons GT3. After a quick change of underwear I enjoyed watching everything from Porsches to Ferraris to Vipers circle the Calgary track for the last time.


Domino No Start

by Sales Team on September 26, 2011

Domino has had a nasty habit of not starting at the most inopportune times. The first time was the Porsche BBQ at Fritz’s, next in front of the gym, another time in front of Lick’s Ice Cream store. Every time it required an embarrassing push start from anyone who would help. I put my arms up in despair and left it up to Ron (our Shop Foreman) to track it down. For two days he had it on the hoist and of course started every single time! Finally she displayed her temperamental ways and refused to start. Ron tracked it down to a corroded battery cable inside the positive battery terminal (see pictures below). This repair is just in time for the Porsche club’s Oktoberfest car show this Saturday and Final Official Drive on Sunday. Hope to see you there.


Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV will take place between October 14 to the 16 of 2011 at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway. Both the men and machines that make Porsche Motorsport’s history as rich as it is are expected to draw one of the largest crowds in track history.

Just a glance at the guest list reveals names that will surely impress any Porsche enthusiast. How about, in no particular order, Vic Elford, who won the Monte Carlo Rally and scored Porsche’s first overall win at the 24 Hours of Daytona – on back-to-back weekends; James Weaver, Porsche 962 driver for Dyson Racing – Daytona and Sebring winner; Gijs van Lennep, Dutch Porsche 917 and 911 driver – won Le Mans with Helmut Marko and the last Targa Florio with Herbert Mueller; Chip Robinson – IMSA Champion with Al Holbert in a Porsche 962; George Follmer – took Penske Porsche 917 to Can-Am championship; Dan Gurney – scored Porsche’s first successes in Formula 1; and Hurley Haywood, most successful Porsche endurance driver with wins at Daytona, Sebring, and Le Mans; and that’s just a sample. More than 50 drivers of similar calibre have already said “yes” to Porsche’s invitation and the rest of the names will be announced we approach the event date. [click to continue…]


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