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Hello! I am Derek Rush, the Parts Manager here at South Centre Porsche and have been fortunate enough to purchase the 1984 911 Targa that many of you may have seen in our showroom. This “blog” will showcase the Porsche ownership experience of a Classic Porsche and will hopefully provide some entertainment for you as well. It will showcase the Porsche Parts and Service that I use to restore it, as well as the vendors we use for restoration. I will also update you on events hosted by South Centre Fine cars and the Wild Rose Porsche Club. I hope you enjoy it.

1st Drive With The Refurbished Targa Top

by Sales Team on July 7, 2011

I will be attending the monthly Porsche Club meeting this evening so I was able to drive Domino this morning. New Targa roof refurbishing by Chinook Upholstery has cut the wind noise down by 80%. Looks great as we used the original German vinyl and replaced the headliner/underlying foam and new Porsche hardware. Now I just have to adjust the Targa seals to the windows and that should take care of the rest.


Garage Days Re-Revisited

by Sales Team on June 20, 2011

I attended Ken and Dina’s Garage Day on Saturday,a popular Wild Rose Porsche Club event. We were met with an immaculate garage full of Classic Porsches as well as a BBQ (thanks Dina!) fit for a king. The grey skies did not keep members away as the garage and back yard soon filled up. Jamie from Chinook Upholstery was on hand to demonstrate a dash repair,which he performed on my car.See pictures below for the miraculous transformation…highly recommended.


Wild Rose Porsche Club – BBQ

by Sales Team on May 31, 2011

Late May had Fritz hosting the annual Wild Rose Porsche Club BBQ. Approximately 20 cars attended the event and enjoyed some fantastic food and the company of fellow Porsche enthusiasts. An impending black cloud forced some members to quickly leave except for me. Domino was dead. After a quick replacement of the DME relay, I realized the starter had given up. This lead to a photo opportunity seeing the Porsche Parts Manager getting a push start! I am amazed at the helpfulness of the club as I was quickly offered a starter (which Fritz had in his garage) and a hoist to work on! As I had Mitchell with me I chose to drive home and replace the failed starter on my own. See the “embarrassing moment” in the pictures below…


Wild Rose Porsche Club Season Opener

by Sales Team on May 16, 2011

Sunday morning we were greeted with a brisk wind but that did not deter the Wild Rose Porsche Club from getting a great turnout. The club met at the Starbucks in the Crowfoot area at 9:00 am to head out on a 200+ km trip through the Alberta country side. My son Mitchell was animate about having the Targa roof off, so we headed out towards Sundre with the “cold” wind blowing in our hair. We followed the bright red 1986 928S4 of Chris and his son Sean, which made wonderful sounds, more like a LT1 than a Porsche. We arrived in the little town of Bremen to take over the General store and of course, put the top back on. We then proceeded to an open field to take pictures of the good turnout and spectacular machinery. On the way home Mitchell fell asleep so we skipped the dinner at Symons Valley, but it looks like a good time was had by all.

Here is the link to the Wild Rose Porsche site for more pictures.


Monthly Wild Rose Porsche Club

by Sales Team on May 5, 2011

A beautiful spring day in Calgary and the monthly Wild Rose Porsche Club meeting was in Priddis last evening. Everyone met at the Priddis Greens Golf Club for dinner and meeting, hosted by President Erik Dumas. A huge turnout of 55+ members meant for a fantastic car-show in the parking lot. Anything from a classic 60’s 911 to a new Cayenne were there, happy to see dry pavement and clear skies. One stand out 911 was Rick Barnes stereo install by Mobile Solutions,clean and crisp is all I can say. Enjoyed a cruise back home with Paul Bottings 996 Turbo mocking me in my rear view mirror, and cursing my Targa top for the wind noise it creates. Hopefully it will be sooooo nice this summer it stays off , all the time.

If only Mother Nature would comply!

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The Wild Rose Region of the PCA hosted their Drivers Education Day on a brisk Saturday at Calgary’s’ Race City Speedway. Host Eric Dumas (President) and Paul Botting (Track Chair) and the rest of the instructors must have been doing their job right… as you could not punch off the smiles from the driver’s faces!


Spring Is Here….I Hope

by Sales Team on April 25, 2011

Finally spring arrives in Calgary (for five minutes at least) and I can’t get my 911 out of the garage! The City of Calgary has been trying to fix the main sewer line in front of my house so my driveway is a 10 foot deep trench extending all the way out to the neighbors across the street. Hopefully Domino will get out in time for next weekend.

I was able to get my motorcycle out of the garage and saw a two Classic 911’s out by Priddis , one gold and one an identical twin to mine. Nice to see them out enjoying the 13 C temperatures.


First Drive Of The Year!

by Sales Team on April 11, 2011

1st day out with the family in the 911! Beautiful day in Calgary +11 C and sun (what’s that?) in the sky.
1/2 tank of gas = $40.00
Wifes massage bill = $70.00
My son’s face after experiencing 6000 rpm = priceless!
(see pictures below)


Naming Rights

by Sales Team on April 8, 2011

Looks like today will be the day I get to take her home,roads are clear and garage is cleaned out. I had to warn my motorcycle that she would have company…not to sure if she likes that. Why are all of our toys called “girls”? Any body have an answer? E-mail me at and let me know if your Porsche is a “girl” and if you have named her?


Time To Adjust Everything

by Sales Team on April 1, 2011

Ron Vanderhoudt spent considerable amount of time to adjust the Targa’s roof,windows and doors to seal as best as possible. Took it out for a drive (one day before the big 30 cm dump of snow!) Still has a little wind noise (Targa top needs to be “freshened up”), but drives like a dream, nice and tight,corners like it is on rails. Can’t wait for a warm sunny day to take the top off!


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