Developing Efficient and Functional Electronics in the Porsche Electronics Integration Centre

by Sales Team on January 26, 2015


Innovation in the Porsche electronics department is advancing faster than ever before. The driver will notice approximately 6,000 functions in a Porsche. Each function must be developed to be more efficient and to be manageable with the other components and that work is accomplished in the Electronics Integration Centre in Weissach.

The departments that now make up the Electronics Integration Centre were once in numerous locations. They are now housed under one roof to improve the collaboration and enhance the final result. With between 50 and 80 control units interlinked in the vehicle, they must all work together to function smoothly.

Design of the building that houses the electric and electronics departments is focused on developing a better workflow and to link the engineers and developers. The upper floors house the specification and implementation of the different sub-functions. The middle floor holds those who test the components under racetrack conditions. Meanwhile, the ground floor is home to the different components in individual workshops.


The sound lab is situated next door to the Electronics Integration Centre where acoustics are designed to create sound systems that provide concert hall quality audio. The result is seen in the Burmester sound systems that are placed in the cars.

The Integration Market Place is also on the ground floor and is the location where engineers meet with mechanics and outside suppliers to develop ideas as well as systems. It is this integration in departments now located under one roof that result in the enhanced connectivity of functions and electromobility in the Porsche vehicles.

To learn more about Porsche’s technology, we invite you to visit Porsche Centre Calgary.

Craig Shostak
Porsche Centre Calgary

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