International Quality Conference – Leipzig, Germany June 28-29, 2011

by Sales Team on July 14, 2011

Porsche AG held a conference at their Leipzig facility, home of the Cayenne and Panamera on June 27-29th, 2011. I accompanied Thomas Illner, After Sales Manager from Porsche Canada.

Upon entering the “diamond-like” form of the Customer Service Centre, one instantly knows you are in for something special.

Porsche wanted all the delegates from around the world to “experience” quality first hand, so we were split into 3 groups in the morning and sent on our way. Our group started off on the Porsche test track to drive 911’s, Caymans, Boxsters, Cayenne’s and Panamera’s.

The track consists of numerous corners from various tracks, including the infamous “corkscrew” of Laguna Seca. The lead instructor in a 911 Turbo set a fast pace that allowed some of us (meaning me!) to challenge our driving skills.

We then went to the off road area to test the new 2011 Cayenne on 60% grades and 2 foot deep water crossings. This takes place on a 6 kilometer unspoilt countryside with wild horses and aurochs (oxen) maintaining this natural reserve.

Our final stop (which I considered the most remarkable) was the assembly factory. Absolutely clean and organized, I could have stayed there all day and watched. All the vehicles have a Bluetooth enabled electronic transmitter attached to the drivers window. This relays the exact parts required for each station. The parts then show up at just the right time for the technician to install. The vehicles move on beech wood platforms so no static electricity will ever be transmitted.

We finally headed back for 1.5 days of meetings to discuss the role of Porsche AG in providing the best quality vehicles they possibly can. What was really interesting was the presentations by all the Porsche markets regarding how we (and the customer) see Porsche. Some very interesting facts out of China, they currently have 33 Porsche Centers, and expect to have 126 by 2020! I discovered during this discussion that Porsche will act on a quality issue that affects as little as .04% of the applicable cars. The parent company is keenly aware to constantly improve they must listen to the customer and adjust to changing markets.

I was honored to have been included in this conference. The capability and competence of Porsche and their staff impressed me to no end.

The Diamond

The real Transsyberia

The 918 is even more stunning in person!!

Derek Rush

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