Meet Derek Rush | Parts Manager

by Sales Team on May 11, 2016

Meet Derek Rush | Parts Manager

Porsche is committed to offering quality vehicles, while constantly finding new ways to serve customers. This level of commitment is seen at each Porsche dealership location. At Porsche Centre Calgary, you will interact with a team of employees who bring the perfect set of skills and experience to the table to serve our valued customers’ vehicle needs.

Derek Rush is the Parts Manager of the Porsche Centre Calgary. For seven years he has been committed to providing quality service to valued Porsche customers to ensure that their vehicles continue to perform and look great. He has held multiple roles in the automotive industry and has 25 years of great experience dealing with parts and service management.

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From a young age he developed a love for fine craftsmanship and amazing cars, which was sparked by a Motor Trend Magazine article outlining the Porsche 928 S4. Also igniting his passion for driving Porsche’s luxurious sports cars are the several trips he has been privileged to take for the company, such as to Germany to where he drove a Porsche on the Autobahn. This experience revealed the power and performance capabilities of the vehicles he loves to drive, and it continues to remind him of the impressive quality and engineering he is dealing with when he services customers’ vehicles.

Come see Derek Rush any time at Porsche Centre Calgary for all of your vehicle needs.

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