N Rated Winter Tires

by Sales Team on March 18, 2016

N Rated Winter Tires | Available at Porsche Centre Calgary

Putting the right tires on your Porsche not only enhances its performance, it also ensures your safety. Winter tires are designed for dealing with cold temperatures, snow and ice. They are more effective than summer tires, or even all-season tires, at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius. Winter tires are the optimal choice for cold Alberta winters.

In a test by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec, winter tires outperformed all-season tires. In conditions of compacted snow and ice, with a temperature around minus 20 degrees Celsius, the stopping distance of the vehicle with the winter tires was 11.6 metres shorter than the vehicle with all-season tires at 50 km per hour. A second test conducted by Tire Rack with a Porsche Cayenne showed winter tires perform better in these conditions, allowing the vehicle to cover 200 metres in just six seconds, as opposed to the eight seconds it took a Cayenne with all-season tires. The braking distance for the Cayenne with the winter tires was also just 61 metres, rather than the 102 metres the all-season tires required to come to a safe stop.

Porsche N Rated Tires

Porsche thoroughly tests all tires before they are installed on new models or sold to customers. This ensures that they can handle the power and weight of the model to ensure safety and performance. Only then can they receive the N rating that signifies Porsche approval. Porsche Centre Calgary only sells and installs tires with the N rating and recommends that all models have N-rated tires, even if you choose different sizes for the front and rear.

Craig Shostak
Porsche Centre Calgary

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