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by Sales Team on February 19, 2016

When you purchase a new Porsche model, you need to be able enjoy it the way you want, while keeping it looking brand new. With Suntek Paint Protection from Porsche Centre Calgary, you can take your car up into the mountains or out on a country highway with no fear of damage from rocks or other road debris.

SunTek paint protection is one of the most popular items offered by Porsche Centre Calgary to accompany the purchase of a new Porsche. In fact, 70 percent of customers choose to add this option to their new vehicle. The clear film adheres to your car, offering a scratch-resistant high-gloss finish. It cures to form an invisible layer covering your front hood and fenders, and even the rear bumper. As a self-healing second layer, the film helps prevent damage to the paint underneath. Even when it suffers small dents and bumps, they don’t penetrate through to the surface of the car. In addition, the film provides a layer of protection to prevent color fading from UV rays. SunTek paint protection also comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, to guarantee your car stays protected and looking flawless.

Porsche Centre Calgary

When you choose to remove the film, the paint underneath looks brand new, enhancing the resale value of your car. Visit Porsche Centre Calgary to learn more about this product or any of the other exciting enhancements offered by Porsche.

Craig Shostak
Porsche Centre Calgary

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