Porsche Classic Service Department

by Sales Team on February 16, 2016

Porsche Classic Service Department | Premium Care for an Exceptional Car

Classic Porsche owners want their service technicians to care as much about the cars as they do. That’s why you can trust your classic 911 or 914 to the best qualified technicians in the business. They know Porsche because that’s all they do.

Porsche Centre Calgary

Bring in your classic model to the Porsche Classic Service Department at Porsche Centre Calgary for everything from minor repairs and routine maintenance to a complete restoration. You can trust your local Porsche service center because every technician goes through an intensive Porsche training program to become certified before they are allowed to work on your car. Certification starts at the bronze level, goes through the silver level, and is completed at the gold level. With hundreds of hours of training over several years, you can be confident in the level of expertise our technicians have.

Porsche Engine

The technicians at Porsche Centre Calgary talk to you face-to-face to determine your expectations and complete a thorough assessment of your Porsche classic model. They’ll work with your budget to decide which projects need completed first. With an engine restoration, ideally they would have the entire winter to complete a rebuild and ensure it meets Porsche’s stringent standards.

Porsche Service

Only genuine Porsche parts and specialized tools are used on Porsche models. Because they are designed to work exclusively with your exact Porsche model, you receive exceptional results which can’t be imitated with generic products from body shops. Keeping your classic Porsche in top performance shape is just as important, and the technicians provide ongoing maintenance according to your model’s unique specifications.


If you need a classic Porsche model repaired or restored, you can feel confident in the level of experience and knowledge the technicians from Porsche Centre Calgary bring to the job. Schedule an appointment to bring your model back to life with the Porsche Classic Service Department or contact Porsche Centre Calgary for more information about their Porsche Classic Service Department!

Craig Shostak
Porsche Centre Calgary

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