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by Sales Team on January 15, 2016

E Performance

Ambition and desire propel Porsche forward into new patterns of thinking to achieve greater results. True to Porsche DNA, the desire to drive faster and smarter has generated an E-performance concept vision for top performing electric vehicles. Through innovative design concepts and a commitment to quality performance, Porsche is able to face the challenge of delivering sustainable mobility for reduce CO2 emissions and lower the demand for energy.

Bringing forward fine craftsmanship, high-quality equipment and legendary accuracy, the E-Performance model designs that are being presented include:

Porsche Concept Study Mission E

  • An all-electric sports car that delivers top performance with day-today usability.
  • Long range coverage and a quick charge

919 Hybrid

  • State-of-the-art hybrid technology, building on the 918 Spyder Super Sports Car
  • A thoroughbred racing car in the Le Mans Prototype class

918 Spyder

  • A Porsche plug-in hybrid that features a lightweight design
  • Combining performance and efficiency with a super sports car result

Panamera S E-Hybrid

  • A sports sedan that delivers impressively low fuel consumption

Cayenne S E-Hybrid

  • One of the first plug-in hybrids of its class
  • An example of the Porsche Mission for cars of the future

Porsche performance is rooted on the notion of superior driving in a superior car. The foundation for Porsche E-Hybrid is built on the concept of combining high performance and efficiency through a seamless interaction between a combustion engine and an electric motor. The result is a beautiful relationship between innovation and success. Taking this desire for efficiency one step further, Porsche Mission E presents a purely electric driving experience without any fuel consumption or local emissions. This is possible through the advanced technology of Porsche Turbo Charging with a voltage level of 800V and the Permanently Excited Synchronous Machine (PSM). Driving this vehicle will be unlike any other as you experience high performance levels that are consistent over the entire speed range. Long distance capability is gained through this continuous power output, which is able to hold its performance capacity over time.

All Porsche E-Hybrids feature five driving modes to bring forward an automatically controlled performance, specific to the needs of the moment. These modes include electric, combustion engine, boost, recovery, and coasting. In electric mode, the vehicle is driven exclusively by the electric motor, presenting emissions free performance without consuming any fuel. When required, you are able to switch into engine mode, engaging in long journey capability and delivering high speeds. Boost mode is able to combine both the electric motor and combustion engine for a maximum release of power. While in recovery mode, the combustion engine remains switched off and braking energy is recovered as the electric motor works like a generator to produce electricity. The final driving mode is coasting, which is an emissions-free mode that engages as you release the gas pedal by switching off the combustion engine. Together, this combination of modes brings you control and superior performance.

Through the use of the innovative charging infrastructure, these impressive and efficient designs do not stop with the vehicle itself. Porsche E-Performance also includes the infrastructure for vehicle charging through an optimally integrated vehicle charge port and options for at home or on the road.

Take your driving experience to the next level as you engage with superior technology for an electrically generated efficiency. Through the harnessing of renewable resources, electricity is able to bring vehicle performance that is continually being improved. Porsche E-Performance capture the heart of electric driving and strives to deliver a sustainable driving environment without compromising on its legendary high-class performance. Come to Porsche Centre Calgary today to learn more about Porsche E-Performance.

Craig Shostak
Porsche Centre Calgary

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