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by Sales Team on June 3, 2015

Porsche Engineering | Always a Leader

Porsche Engineering is a subsidiary of Porsche that not only develops innovative products for the company but for other customers as well. With a long and interesting history that began in 1931, Porsche has developed hundreds of products that offer innovation, high quality, and excellence.

The company first came into being in 1931 with the Porsche design office. They began developing exciting concepts from the beginning with one of the early projects being the idea behind the Volkswagen Beetle. In addition to racing and passenger vehicles, the company also created farm vehicles, designs for aircrafts and other products that were implemented in many industries.

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Porsche Engineering focuses on quality while breaking new ground and implementing new concepts for the products it creates. The goal is to create a product that will help the customer be more sustainable, competitive, and environmentally friendly. After the project is complete, Porsche continues to provide ongoing support by assisting the customer in finding the best suppliers and managing production. The company also offers its sales expertise to ensure that the customer is successful.

One reason that Porsche has a solid reputation of sustainability is that it focuses on doing everything better than expected and working harder than necessary. The end result is always a product that stretches boundaries while impressing the worldwide community. To see that result in the cars that are available today, visit Porsche Centre Calgary.

Craig Shostak

Porsche Centre Calgary

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