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by Sales Team on April 24, 2015

Porsche Exclusive | A Car Designed Just for You

Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche designs vehicles specifically for the people who crave the driver’s seat. Using the most advanced technology and the expertise of skilled engineers and craftsmen, Porsche develops cars that are unlike anything else on the road.

Imagine what you would like to have in a car, and Porsche gives it to you. Each model can be customized from the factory to meet your needs and desires. Developing a vehicle of this exclusivity begins by using premium materials. Next, dedicated craftsmen utilize their dynamic knowledge to bring out the special characteristics of the chosen materials. All aspects of the design of a Porsche automobile work in harmony to create a car that looks and feels truly unique and original.

Experience the exclusiveness of Porsche with models such as the Porsche Boxster S which comes in a bold hue with Racing Yellow. Not only does it demand attention on the road, it provides an exquisite look with the vibrant colour inside. You will not be sidelined when you drive by in the Porsche 911 Carrera S in Guards Red. The striking colour and defined lines turn this classic into a modern icon.

No matter which model you prefer, Porsche has created, maintained, and pushed forward an exclusive design with features which enhance its aesthetic appeal. Consider the Macan, Cayenne, or Cayman for a look that is distinctly Porsche. Visit Porsche Centre Calgary to enjoy the personal service that helps ensure the next car you drive is distinctly and uniquely yours.

Craig Shostak

Porsche Centre Calgary

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