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by Sales Team on June 12, 2015

Porsche Partner Network CAx Supplier | Developing Better Cars Together

Porsche’s lineup is revolutionizing the road. Part of the reason for their unique design and appeal is the fact that everything works together. Every aspect of the car and its accessories are one cohesive design, rather than multiple parts. This effect is achieved in part because of the Porsche Partner Network (PPN) CAx portal.

The CAx portal is an online system, which provides valuable data to engineers involved in Porsche projects. Once a company is assigned a project from Porsche, the engineers can gain access to IT information about CAD (computer-aided design) that directly impacts the project. They can learn about data exchange and data management in the Porsche environment. The result is that the collaboration produces a product that works in conjunction with everything else trouble-free.

Partners learn about data quality and how to transfer data. They will find software packages and other information that directly corresponds to CAD. They find out about any changes that are being made and when those change will occur. This ensures that the final product works seamlessly with Porsche, providing a better experience for the customer.

You can see the benefits of the CAx portal every time you drive a Porsche or select accessories for your new vehicle. Everything about the car is designed to provide the ultimate driving experience for you. Encounter it for yourself when you test drive a new vehicle at Porsche Centre Calgary.

Craig Shostak

Porsche Centre Calgary

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