Porsche Redefined | 924 & 928 S

by Sales Team on July 6, 2016

Porsche Redefined | 924 & 928 S

Porsche Redefined 924 & 928 S

Rich Porsche heritage is displayed in each model, as inspiring innovation and exclusive performance continues to drive the company forward. As they draw from the refined looks and performance of beloved classic models, each new vehicle stays true to Porsche DNA, while always pushing the cutting edge of a competitive industry. Last weekend, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the 924 debut, a special event was held at the Porsche Museum. Porsche Centre Calgary offers an elite range of classic Porsche models where customers can view their history in person.

Forty years ago, Porsche released the game-changing 924, a modern four-cylinder sports car with a transaxle design. Featuring an engine in the front with a transmission in the rear, this “transaxle” sports car offered something completely different and innovative. Designer Harm Lagaay initiated this groundbreaking model, providing the overall style for the proportions, in combination with a glass hatch from designer Soderberg and an interior based of the designs of Hans Braun. The design was unmistakably Porsche from the start, even though it had initially been developed for Volkswagen. As Lagaay recalls, he had “always had the Porsche aesthetic in mind,” and “drafting the 924 was a purely intuitive process.”

Just one year after the release of the 924, came the impressive 928. Featuring an eight-cylinder engine this showstopper took the best of three cars and transformed them into one astonishing machine. The 928 offered everything a discerning driver could want: high performance results, a luxurious interior and immense versatility. This car was being developed at the same time as the 924, and the synergies are evident. Both models hold a short front overhang, a long engine hood and a long roof, with an even weight distribution for perfect balance. Most automotive journalists refer to the 928 as the most advanced sports car of its time. It received the top international award: European Car of the Year.

Porsche 928 S

The term “transaxle” comes from the combination of “transmission” and “axle,” and refers to engines that transmit power to the rear axle via a driveshaft housed in a rigid cover pipe. This breakthrough technology ensured neutral and stable handling in the years before electronic assistance. The period following the release of the 924 came to be known as the transaxle era, with the production of nearly 400,000 transaxle sports cars. Porsche designer Harm Lagaay was there for the entire period, having first joined Porsche in 1971 and then rejoining in 1989 as head designer. A special exhibition at the Porsche Museum will be in tribute to Harm Lagaay and his legendary role in developing Porsche’s distinctive aesthetic.

It would be a pleasure for Lawrence Romansky, resident Porsche expect at Porsche Centre Calgary to introduce their fine collection of restored Porsche models.

Craig Shostak
Porsche Centre Calgary 

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