Porsche’s Everyday Usability

by Sales Team on March 20, 2015

Porsche’s Everyday Usability | Built for Every Drive

Porsche's Everyday Usability
Porsche engineers build their vehicles unlike any other manufacturer, conquering performance both on and off the race track. As race cars, they have won more than 30,000 races all over the world. As street cars, they possess stability, performance and comfort that is unlike any other car on the road. The results are unbelievable even for everyday driving.Porsche innovation begins on the race track where cars are built to perform and stand out against the competition. Performance elements from motorsport vehicles are then transferred to street models; thereby creating vehicles that drive faster, handle better and provide optimal efficiency.

This strategy is evident on the Porsche 911, which began as a race car and has become a classic for drivers everywhere. The Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet combines the engineering and design from the past and combines it with the innovation and technology of today.

This harmonious blending of opposites creates the concept of Intelligent Performance. Drivers may not understand exactly what it means, but they recognize it when they get behind the wheel of their favourite model. They experience the blending of comfort and performance, of style and engineering to create a car that has it all.

Visit Porsche Centre Calgary to find the car that gives it all to you. From the 911 to the Cayman, there is one that makes you feel like nothing else can do. It’s time to go for the ride of your life.

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