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by Sales Team on April 8, 2016

Porsche | Responsible Sustainability

Porsche Sustainability

Ambition continuously propels Porsche forward into new patterns of thinking to see efficient design concepts being executed through sustainable corporate governance. Staying true to a commitment for quality performance Porsche presents the Sustainability Report, summarizing a range of topics with a focus on “Economy and Customers”. Through innovative ideas and organized direction, Porsche is able to stay current with global needs for sustainability, based on the reality that peak performance and sustainability are dependent on each other.

Through a restructuring of the way sustainability is approached, Porsche is able to establish clear lines of responsibility and communication to effectively strive for optimum achievement through sustainable thinking and action. Twice a year the Executive Board meets as the “Sustainability Board” to define strategic direction towards sustainability issues. This board is responsible for environmental and community reporting within the company and acts as an advocate for the measures and targets being focused on. Taking it a step further, the company as a whole is supported and challenged to create a workforce of highly qualified and motivated employees who base their actions on ethical principles. In this environment, responsibility is taken in the corporate and community realm.

One of the ways in which Porsche is dedicated to achieving sustainability goals is through a reduction in energy consumption made at production sites. Through a report entitled “Active for Environment and Energy”, the company outlines its current (2014) goals for improving energy efficiency and environmental compatibility in its production of sports cars. The Porsche site in Zuffenhausen has been subject to regular audits and presents the long-term environmental policy and main environmental impacts of the company. This site offers continuous development of environmental and energy management as well as implements the catalogue of measures outlined in the first Porsche sustainability report. Porsche aligns its corporate activities to this sustainability and thus acknowledges its own responsibility to create balance between economic, ecological and social action.

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Porsche performance is grounded on the desire for superior driving in a superior vehicle and this does not change when it comes to talking about incorporating sustainable performance possibilities. Through innovative craftsmanship and high-quality design, the Porsche E-performance concept vision is presented. This aspiration for an all-electric sports car delivers long range coverage and top performance ability. Starting on the basis of technology derived from the Porsche E-Hybrid, the Porsche Mission E will present a purely electric driving experience through the advanced technology of Porsche Turbo Charging and a Permanently Excited Synchronous Machine (PSM). The result will be consistent long distance capability without compromising on its legendary high-class performance.

Moving into the future, Porsche remains committed to assuming responsibility for humanity, the environment and society. Through a compilation of clearly formulated goals and workplace ethics, the company seeks to implement innovative programs to ensure that its products and values are reflective of a high level of social responsibility and community awareness. As Porsche grows towards achieving business goals and developing intensely desirable sports cars, it also aims to grow relentlessly towards efficient sustainability.

Porsche Centre Calgary is proud to be apart of the Porsche Sustainability movement. Come to your local Calgary Porsche Dealer – Porsche Centre Calgary today and let us help you find the perfect Porsche for your style.

Craig Shostak
Porsche Centre Calgary

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