Road & Track gets behind the wheel of the all-new Porsche 911 GT3

by Sales Team on April 30, 2013

2014, PDK

Road & Track’s Jason Cammisa still seems a little bitter about the fact that the all-new Porsche 911 GT3 won’t be available with a clutch pedal, going so far as to blame the exclusivity of the dual-clutch PDK transmission in the car on enthusiasts like himself.

“There was a time when most enthusiasts seemed to view the dual-clutch automatic as the second coming,” he writes. “On that note, allow us to apologize on behalf of an entire industry. We were wrong.”

Let Jason speak for himself, because all of the facts he spews in his first drive of the new GT3 leave us to believe that Porsche has created a transmission that finally blends the inherent fun of a manual transmission with the insane shifting speed of a dual clutch transmission.

We’re specifically referencing the “clutch dump” function Andreas Preuninger and his team managed to include in the GT3’s transmission software. As Road & Track describes, “pull both paddles in any gear, and the engine will freewheel. Release them, and drive will gently reengage. If you’re in Sport Plus mode, the gearbox will unceremoniously dump the clutch.

And why add such a function? Because Preuninger wanted to make sure he could still do a burnout the next time he found himself next to a Prius at a red light. Clearly Preuninger is our kind of guy.

The GT3 is more than just a transmission, though, and Road & Track writes that the electric steering has been retuned in a manner that increases road feel over the standard 911. Plus the car goes like stink. Road & Track says that the 475-horsepower flat-6 engine “lives to rev” and with an astronomical 9000 rpm redline the GT3’s new 3.8-liter engine “hits its power peak where the old one hit its rev limiter.”

To read the rest of Road & Track’s thoughts on the GT3 go to and to learn more about the Porsche 911 come to South Centre Porsche.

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