Porsche | RUF BTR III On The Road – Part 2

by Sales Team on December 14, 2016

Porsche | RUF BTR III On The Road – Part 2

Built in factory in 1991 on a donor 1979 911, the RUF BTR III Motronic began its life with a white exterior and a tan interior and came with race seats, race harness and street legal race tires before its reconstruction. It was then completely stripped down and rebuilt, commissioned by an individual who invested an estimated $180,000 US dollars in 1991. After its initial post-rebuild owner had passed away, the car was bought and imported to Alberta, BC, where it eventually landed at Porsche Centre Calgary.

At the time of its first rebuild, this model was upgraded with 964 body panels for enhanced aerodynamics as well as CTR 330mm brakes. It features a CTR Matter roll cage and was equipped with a grey leather interior; it is currently outfitted with an RS interior. The design closely reflected the CTR of the day, holding a wider body with steel fenders.

In regards to its gearbox, engine management and braking system, this is as close to a CTR as you get without the turbo engine. It holds a 408 horsepower engine with the potential to hit 450 or a little higher with one bar boost. Since coming to Canada, the vehicle has gone through a series of upgrades, including new spark plugs and a new ECU with correct data mapping. The vehicle was again gutted and stripped to its shell where metal work was done to remove any small traces of rust, and the engine and gearbox were removed and cleaned.


Aesthetics were enhanced as the exterior was changed to Maritime Blue and new glass, door rubber and lights were replaced throughout. The cabin has been redone with a new dashboard, new seats and new carpet. While under the hood, the reconstruction included rebuilding the waste-gate, with new oil lines from the dry sump to the front cooler and changing assorted hoses or anything that may have looked suspect. Different parts of the engine were powder coated to bring a refreshed look, one that Porsche Centre Calgary is proud to showcase.

Owned by Porsche Centre Calgary, this beautiful car is now for sale and in need of a new home. Experience the RUF BTR III Motronic at Porsche Centre Calgary, where we are eager to share with your out wealth of Porsche knowledge and expertise!

Craig Shostak
Porsche Centre Calgary

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