Porsche | RUF BTR III On The Road – Part 3

by Sales Team on December 21, 2016

Porsche | RUF BTR III On The Road – Part 3

Porsche Centre Calgary is delighted to present to you the RUF BTR III Motronic. Driven here by Lawrence Romanosky from Porsche Centre Calgary.

The ride quality of the RUF BTR III is exceptional as the shaved gutters provide reduced wind and tire noise. There is some suspension movement, as it doesn’t drive as stiff as the GT, but offers impressive fluidity for its make. The RS interior holds true to vehicles of the era with its sport seats, Matter roll bar and driving harnesses. It delivers lightweight performance in favour of speed, as opposed to extensive cabin amenities. You could easily change out the sport seats for something a little more comfortable if need be, as well as swap the driving harnesses for 3-point seatbelts. Ventilation and heater vents have all been redone and work properly, and there is a sunroof for added ventilation. This Porsche is pretty close to a ground-up rebuild and certainly doesn’t need any mechanical tuning. The entire interior has been freshly serviced, where anything that looked cosmetically below-average was replaced.

Performance is the primary attribute of the RUF BTR III. The hydraulic clutch offers overall smooth driving that is slightly grumpy under 2,000 RPM or light throttle, as it is a motorsport ECU. Generally speaking, this vehicle rides a lot happier at 160 than 100 km/hr. In 1984, the RUF BTR was clocked at the Top Speed Test with 186 miles/hr. When the CTR clocked at 211 miles/hr, the individual with the BTR that did 186 miles/hr in 1984 came back again for a second Top Speed Test. The same car clocked at 187 miles/hr, three years later and with 300,000 km on the speedometer, revealing the durability and reliability of these high-performance machines.

In the Porsche market, the original BTR doubled the price of the car, while the CTR would have been three-times the price of a good little Turbo. A new RUF modified 911 is $450,000 UROS ($500,000 USD) and a new 911 turbo is $150,000 UDS. The RUF 911 is three-times the price of a 911 Turbo now, and a CTR was three-times the price of a 911 Turbo then. Given its history and substantial investment rebuilds, this vehicle sits somewhere around $150,000 – $200,000 USD in value.


Collectors are just starting to appreciate RUF Porsches, where it is taken into consideration the deep-rooted value of the engineering integrity that goes much beyond a cosmetic exercise. You could not pull off today what they accomplished back then, as racecars and street cars are designed so differently now, you could not get the race-quality parts into a street car and drive it with the same freedom. In the late 1970’s these specialty parts were available, offering an opportunity for Porsche to take the passion of RUF and build a supercar that was essentially a 934 for the street.

It is through iconic collectables such as the RUF BTR III Motronic that the high-performance capability and lasting value of the Porsche brand are revealed. Visit Lawrence Romanosky at Porsche Centre Calgary for more information on the RUF BTR III Motronic, or the many other highly collectable Porsche models we have in store.

Craig Shostak
Porsche Centre Calgary

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