Springtime Repairs For Domino!

by Sales Team on April 23, 2012

April 21, 2012

Time to give Domino some much deserved attention this weekend.

The first item to be dealt with was to remove the door panels and secure the door speakers to remove the annoying rattles. After removing the upper door panel cover, lower door pockets, door handle, lock covers and door switches I was finally able to access the inside of the door. I installed Dynamat on both the speaker mounting panel and the inside of the door panel. After reinstalling the door panels and speakers I went for a quick drive – much better, no rattles and a more accurate and deep sounding bass!

Next I finished up the rear Targa roof seal by installing the “rosettes” that secure the seal around the rear Targa pin locator, resulting in a cleaner, finished look. At the same time, I took advantage of the heat (soooo nice) and peeling the dash leather cover off. Over the years the sun had curled it up around the edges and causing it to be an eyesore. It came of relatively easy but then the real work came. Some one was “glue happy” (obviously smelling it a little too much before starting) and it took 2 hours of scraping, swearing and adhesive remover to clean the glue off. Now it is time to have a new one made…maybe something with a contrasting stitching?

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