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The Porsche Boxster S continues to assert itself as the premiere sports car of 2013 as Autoweek awarded the mid-engine sport car the magazine‚Äôs Best of the Best/Car honor. [click to continue…]

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Why get hung up on a model year when you want the model?

by Sales Team on September 23, 2009

Having been in the auto business for a number of years now, it is still interesting to see that people who want to buy a car are more concerned about the year than the car.  Especially around the time that the new models arrive (right now), it is typical to hear that someone is 'waiting'.  Fact is the newness wears off quickly and the experience takes over.

While I can't tell you exactly how much the knob moved over to the right on the stereo between a '01 and a '06 Jetta, I can relate the driving experience of a Cayman to a Boxster. It seems comparing would be more relevant for the new owner or that having the '09 Routan will be just as gratifying as the '10 without the wait.

Knowing that car purchases are emotional, it seems interesting that people try to add logic around a model year as much as the payment.  Driving a car should be a real enjoyment in addition to a daily necessity to get from point A to point B.  Think about it: the photos from your travels will end up being more important than the day your call came off the production line.

One of things I believe we do better than anyone else is connect with our customers.  It's always been about the experience long after the window sticker falls off and the 34th scratch is on the car, not that you're counting.

Just remember that your car is part of your life and while you may want to celebrate it's birthday, age is not as important as fun, model years are not as important as pride in ownership and having the right car for you is ultimately more important than the registration sticker.

Drive fun Calgary!


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