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Porsche Debuts All-New Cayman in L.A.

by Sales Team on December 4, 2012

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If the looks and performance of the 2013 Porsche Boxster appeal to you but its convertible soft-top does not, Porsche has you covered with the all-new Cayman.

Like the last generation Cayman, the new car is essentially a sleek coupe variant of the Boxster with a few more horsepower to boot. In the case of the new model, the Cayman and Cayman S each gain 10 horsepower over their Boxster and Boxster S counterparts. With 275 horsepower in the standard Cayman and 325 horsepower in the Cayman S, Porsche anticipates the standard car will do 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and that S models will manage the same feat in 5 seconds flat.

Unlike the last generation Cayman, the evolution of the 911 model line to that of a sporting grand touring car allows the new Cayman to really focus on its credentials as a thoroughbred sports car. Along with more power, the new Cayman also sports a longer wheelbase and wider track that provides the car with greater handling capabilities.

Of course Porsche didn’t only make the new Cayman a more focused driver’s car, it also made the car more fuel-efficient. Porsche estimates that manual transmission Cayman models will achieve 30 mpg (approximately 7.84 L/100 KM) on the highway, and that manual transmission Cayman S models will achieve 28 mpg (approximately 8.4L/100 KM) on the highway.

Porsche says that the car should reach dealerships by Spring 2013. To learn more about the all-new Porsche Cayman stop by South Centre Porsche today.

Photo Credit: Porsche


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