Race City

Porsche Club Track Day

by Sales Team on October 5, 2011

The Wild Rose Porsche Club hosted the final Race City Track day on September 30th. I was lucky enough to be invited by Paul Botting (Track Chair) to come and watch. I was really lucky when I was able to not go on one but two sessions around the track in Paul’s 996 Turbo (500 HP…no 499.5HP – sorry Eric) and Doug Connons GT3. After a quick change of underwear I enjoyed watching everything from Porsches to Ferraris to Vipers circle the Calgary track for the last time.


The Wild Rose Region of the PCA hosted their Drivers Education Day on a brisk Saturday at Calgary’s’ Race City Speedway. Host Eric Dumas (President) and Paul Botting (Track Chair) and the rest of the instructors must have been doing their job right… as you could not punch off the smiles from the driver’s faces!


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