The Porsche Principle

by Lawrence Romanosky on January 26, 2015

The Porsche Principle | A Leader in Design

The principle which guides Porsche in every vehicle designed is called the Porsche Principle. It is the singular focus to get the most out of everything that makes Porsche’s vehicles innovative leaders and legends.

While offering the latest in technology and design, Porsche engineers also remember what has made the brand excellent. They look to previous models and develop new stars from past icons. From the earliest models to today’s vehicles, the focus has always been on function and creating a design that is harmonious in every aspect. The result is a car that has distinct features seen on no other brand. Everyone can recognize a Porsche when they see it.


Each car is tested to ensure that it exceeds expectations and provides a thrill that lasts. At the heart of each model is a sports car that can also provide legendary performance off the racetrack. Porsche has been designing sports cars since 1948, and continues to rely on that single focus to develop the best cars on the market.

To own a Porsche is to belong to an exclusive club. It is to own a car that has no competition because there is nothing else like it in existence. That is a satisfying feeling – to know that you have the best, a car that was built just for you. Visit Porsche Centre Calgary to find the car that is the perfect fit for you.

Lawrence Romanosky
Porsche Centre Calgary

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